May 11, 2009
Dear Neighbors,
As a resident of Weston Hills, you carefully selected to live in an established community with a highly desirable lifestyle. One of the benefits of that choice is the valued amenities of our community. For over 19 years, Weston Hills Country Club has played a role as one of the centerpieces of the community that we all enjoy. Many of you know neighbors that take pleasure in the Club as members, and in the past you may have even considered membership.
As 2009 progresses many of us are dealing with a change in our spending habits relating to vacationing and enjoyment dollars. These changes make the Club an even more convenient and beneficial choice for recreation opportunities, and spending time with family and friends. And now, Weston Hills Country Club has partnered with Arnold Palmer Golf Management, and are more committed than ever to a “Members First” focus, with an emphasis on fun, fostering long term relationships and building real value into the club experience. You may not be aware of some of these changes, and believe it is simply a Golf or Tennis club, while in fact the Club acts more as a Community Country Club than ever before. It is because of this sense of Community and our desire to be the gathering place for all residents, that we are proud to offer, on an exclusive basis, the opportunity for all current residents of Weston Hills to become members of the club for the next 6 months (ending November 30, 2009) without the customary payment of any fees or dues.
Attached you will find a “Redemption Certificate” that allows the holder, as a property owner in Weston Hills, to become a member of the Club. The Club has created a special Resident category of membership that will allow your neighbors, who are members, to showcase how they have made this a fun and enjoyable Club for all. This offer has been arranged to give you an opportunity to find out for yourself what all the benefits of membership can be for you and your family, and for you to meet and get to know many of your neighbors.
Simply take the “Redemption Certificate” to the Club and you will be asked to complete an easy enrollment process designed to help you understand the many facets the Club has to offer. We encourage you to contact the Club without delay if you would like to take advantage of this offer, because there are a limited number of Resident memberships available and the Club reserves the right to suspend, temporarily, this offer to keep up with the demand and assure that every Member receives the experience expected from private club membership.
We look forward to welcoming you to Weston Hills Country Club!

CLICK HERE to contact Weston Hills Country Club's Membership Department directly.